Do they, though? Right now, the richest men in the world give important public presentations in jeans and shirts that don’t even have collars. The leader of the free world suits up every day, sure, but on the campaign trail, he went tie-less with rolled-up sleeves like every other politician. » 4/24/15 10:31am Friday 10:31am

It was the opposite for me. The NASA sections were good, but they felt weirdly anachronistic compared to the rest of the “realistic” tone the book was trying to set. It felt like a NASA stuck in the early 1990s, where they didn’t really have to worry about information leaks, didn’t have to think much about social… » 4/23/15 7:11pm Thursday 7:11pm

I know use of the Dark Side of the Force apparently corrupts you and makes you more willing to harm others and overpower them to get your way, but are we reasonable to think it might make you able to sit back and do nothing when another person, even a fellow Sith Lord, is torturing your child to death in front of you? » 4/23/15 12:39pm Thursday 12:39pm

I assume given the speed and thriftiness of web publications (e.g. right now every film site has people at the exact same convention reporting the exact same news) the onus is on the writer. It’s not like there’s a print edition to mess up—if the writer or their editor catches a mistake after the fact, it’s trivial to… » 4/23/15 6:19am Thursday 6:19am

It’s more that since the success of Lord of the Rings, instead of studios saying, “Movie X did really well, let’s make another”, they’re now planning franchises five or more years in advance. Which they kind of have to, given that these franchises now involve long-term actor contracts, multimedia spin-offs,… » 4/22/15 12:37pm Wednesday 12:37pm

We know how much draw-weight is required for a bow to be effective. War bows need at least a 70-pound draw weight to shoot a heavy arrow a long distance and still have a chance of getting through the target’s armour, as Matt Easton explains below. That’s a lot of strength, and it’s why English longbowmen trained for … » 4/22/15 11:24am Wednesday 11:24am

So for maybe the first third of Into Darkness, I was actually digging it. A lot. It was on track to be one of my top 3 Trek films. Because the new films have a great cast, with great takes on the characters, and any time two or more of them are interacting onscreen, there’s something magical there. And the characters… » 4/22/15 10:51am Wednesday 10:51am

I didn’t watch much Voyager. But two episodes I kind of liked were ones that actually brought that subplot back, if only briefly. “Worst Case Scenario”, a 3rd season episode where some crewmembers discover a holodeck program where the Maquis crewmembers mutiny against Janeway. It turned out to be a training program… » 4/21/15 7:56pm Tuesday 7:56pm